• Due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions these dates have been postponed or changed.  Please contact your counselor for more information.  We hope to be able to participate in all the events next year.

    · September 3 – Scholarship Morning – 7 to 8 am and Scholarship Night 5 to 6 pm –This presentation is geared to seniors and their families interested in scholarship information.  The same information will be presented both in the morning and evening sessions, so just pick what works best for you.

    · September 17 – Senior College Application Day – All seniors will be asked to complete at least one application on this day…one college application, scholarship application, ROTC or military academy application or job application.  Student will receive a wristband showing they completed an application.

    · September 18 – Last Day to register for the PSAT – The PSAT is the practice test for the SAT and advised for sophomores and juniors who are university bound.  The cost of the PSAT is $20 and must be paid by 9/18 to the bookstore. 

    · September 24- Northern Arizona University Trip – We will be taking students up to NAU to see the campus.  The trip is free and includes lunch.  We will leave at 8 am and won’t be returning until 6pm.  We will return in time for students to ride the late bus home if they need to. 

    · September 25- Grand Canyon University Find Your Purpose – This is a field trip to GCU to get an overview of the campus.  The trip is free and will include lunch.  We will leave at 8 am and return by 3 pm.  This trip is open to students of any grade level.

    · October 16  PSAT – This is the practice test for the SAT and will take place in the media center at 8am.  Students need to have registered by 9/18.

    · October 28 – Senior College Fair – Representatives from over 15 different colleges around the state will be on campus from 10:30 to 11:30 to meet with seniors and give out information. 

    · November 5  FAFSA Day- All seniors will get an overview of what FAFSA is and assistant completing the FAFSA if they need it. 

    · November 6- West-Mec Presentations – West-Mec will be on campus to present to students about their programs and options for the 2020-2021 school year.

    · November 12- Grand Canyon University Pre Health Clinic – We will be taking kids that are interested in health related careers to GCU to tour the facility and practice in a suture clinic.  The cost for this trip will be $5 and can be paid to the bookstore.

    · November 19 – West-Mec Trip – We will be taking kids down to West-Mecs Northwest Campus in Surprise to tour the facility and hear about their programs.